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Coupons – Money in Your Pocket

Coupons! Save Money, Be Happy!

When it comes to couponing I found it kinda difficult to organize and use them to their fullest advantage to save the kind of money that I want to save in order for it to be cost effective for me.

give everything grafiti, used for coupons blog

give everything grafiti, used for coupons blog

I’m sure that I’m not alone here. There are so many things to consider:

  • Is it worth using a coupon vs. store brand items or items already on sale?
  • When is the best time to use them?
  • When do stores change their prices? (yes they do this!)
  • Which store has the better buy for each product you use?
  • Which store will double or even triple my coupons? Are there certains days? Up to what amount?
  • Can I buy a product and use two different coupon options? (ie. manufacturer and in store coupons)
  • What good is a .35 cent coupon really?

So, I was thinking how great it would be to find a place where every single coupon for each of our different areas was available in a data base setup. I found it. Coupon mom answers all those questions for you.

I’m overjoyed with this website and the amount of time they put into making our coupon shopping so much more easier and organized! For free (of course).

Enter your zip code, they will pull up your areas coupons to print out. You also have the option to download their toolbar for up to the minute coupon information. I just bookmarked it and go there when I need to but the toolbar is a good idea because I have lost out on some savings.

From there you will be routed to couponmom.com which houses the data base of coupons from manufacturers. It’s really neat because for the product you want, you will be matched to which store has it cheapest, when is best to use it, lets you know if you have an extra coupon which can be used from your Sunday paper together with their coupon for extra savings and even free items.

This data base shows the product, the retail price, the price when used with manufacturers coupons, the price when used with manufacturers coupon in combination with Sunday paper coupons if available. The best days to do your shopping and which store to use. It also shows the percentage that you will ultimately save. I think it’s fun, a challenge.

It’s wonderful for buying in bulk for the things you use. Couponmom.com also has a quick and free ebook you can read which explains exactly how to use their system.

Coupons! Save Money, Be Happy!


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