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Sharing it Forward Toolbar

It’s done and ready to go.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks just to make sure it’s what we deserve!
Get it here

sharing it forward toolbar

sharing it forward toolbar

It’s available for Firefox and IE users and it will automatically distinguish which browser you use and download the appropriate one.

Here are a few of the goodies on the bar;

Email Notification

Get real time email alerts, sounds and visual on our toolbar. Set up your MSN, Yahoo! and Google accounts automatically and any other POP accounts easily as well. If you elect to have your email accounts set to “stay signed in”, you will never have to pull up a separate page and sign in to check your emails ever again.

Lets just say this is my favorite program on our bar. I have my MSN, Yahoo! and Google email accounts added. I get a beep when I receive a new email from either one of my accounts (this can be changed to your personal tone).

Once I hear the beep, I click on the bars email box and the drop down menu shows all of my email accounts and the amount of new emails in each of them. If I want to read them, I just click on the one I want to read.

I was getting kinda lazy at checking my emails and getting back to my friends and family and I was missing important information. Of course now I don’t have an excuse and I’m keeping up pretty well now.

Radio/Podcast player

I find it hard to do much without music by my side, so this had to be added to our toolbar. Like most items on the  bar, you can configure this to suit your needs.

There is a very large selection of live streaming music stations for you to choose from like rock, blues, rap, reggae…


of course this is one of my favorites. Currently I have Marley and Me, Hellboy 2 and Kung Fu Panda. I’m working on adding a few more and this will update automatically for you when I do get them added.

The movies will be updated frequently and any and all requests will try to be honored in a timely fashion.wink


Live streaming TV channels. This is nice because the TV gadget is floating which means you can pull the TV screen off of the bar once you start watching a particular channel. It’s going to be convenient for you if you want to surf and watch TV at the same time.


Live local weather for your area updated automatically. Click on it to get your extended forecast.


I’m excited about this! I wanted to add chat to this site so we can share in real time but chose not to due to spammers. Having our chat on our toolbar means that only we can chat…but it won’t work if we don’t use it…

Windows and Microsoft applications

you have the option to add from a selection of Windows and Microsoft applications;  Office shortcut menu, calculator, media player, outlook express, paint, office access and Windows registry editor. I have added Paint and the calculator to my toolbar because I use these programs a lot.


right from the address bar, there’s no need to have 2 separate bars anymore…this leaves more room for the fun stuff.

gadgets, fun stuff, helpful stuff and links, games, Google map search……

Get it here


About sharingitforward

Hi, I'm Cheryl Rogers and this is my blog, Sharing it Forward. I hope you enjoyed this post and share it with your friends. If you have something to share please comment.


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