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25 Ways to use Distilled Vinegar other than Cooking and Disinfecting

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I’ve known for a long time that Vinegar is a great cleaner because it disinfects. I’ve used it many a time to clean out nebulizer tubing. But did you know that there are a ton of other uses for Vinegar besides Cooking and Cleaning.

Here are 25 ways to use that Free Vinegar and quite a few of them will save you from buying other products. So in the end it will save you money.

  1. Freshen Cut Flowers. Add 2 TBSP Vinegar and 1 tsp sugar for each quart of water. Great when you run out of the packet supplied with the flowers.
  2. Kill Grass on Walks and Driveways. No need to use harmful chemicals, just pour vinegar full strength on unwanted grass.
  3. Increase Soil Acidity. This is perfect for growing plants like rhododendrums, gardenia or azaleas that like acidic soil. Just add a cup of vinegar to a gallon of tap water when you water your plants.
  4. Keep Ants out of your House – Here’s another way to keep the harmful chemicals out of your house. Just spray vinegar around door and window frames, under appliances or any where else the ants are coming in.
  5. Polish Car Chrome – Apply Vinegar full strength
  6. Have a Flea Free Pet – Add a little vinegar to your pet’s drinking water and the fleas will stay away.
  7. Avoid Scraping Frost off Car Windows – Just coat the car windows the night before with a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water and save yourself some time in the morning.
  8. Cut your Calories – Sprinkle a little vinegar on prepared food to take the edge off your appetite.
  9. Soothe a Jellyfish Sting – This came in handy during our vacation when my daughter got stung by a jellyfish. Just douse the irritated area with vinegar to take out the sting and relieve itching.
  10. Relieve Sunburn – No need to pay for expensive Burn Care cream. Just lightly rub vinegar on the sunburn. Reapply as needed.
  11. Brighten your Hair – After your shampoo, take 1 cup of vinegar and add to warm water in a cup. Then use it to rinse your hair. The Vinegar adds highlights to brown hair and removes soap film.
  12. Keep the Flakes Away – Fight dandruff by rinsing with vinegar and 2 cups of warm water after shampooing.
  13. Clean Dentures – Just soak them overnight in vinegar and then in the morning brush away tarter with a toothbrush.
  14. Take Grease off Suede – Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and gently brush over grease spots.
  15. Remove Deodorant Stains – Lightly rub with distilled vinegar and than launder as usual.
  16. Freshen Vegetables – Extend the life of your vegetables by soaking wilted vegetables in 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of vinegar.
  17. Keep Hard Boiled Eggs from Cracking – Just add 2 TBSP water before boiling
  18. Clean your Dishwasher – Run a cup of vinegar through the whole cycle once a month. This will reduce soap build up on the dishwasher workings.
  19. Unclog a drain – Another idea that will save you from buying a special product. Just pour a handful of baking SODA down the drain and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Then rinse with Hot Water.
  20. Make Buttermilk – Add a TBSP of Vinegar to a cup of Milk and let it stand 5 minutes to thicken
  21. Remove Decals or Bumper Stickers – Soak a cloth in Vinegar. Than cover the decal or bumper sticker for several minutes until the vinegar soaks in. The sticker should peel off easily.
  22. Soften off a Paint Brush – Soak the paint brush in hot vinegar, then wash out with warm sudsy water.
  23. Remove Rings on Wood Furniture – Has a glass left a mark on your expensive wood furniture. Try mixing an equal part of distilled vinegar and olive oil and rubbing with the grain.
  24. Whiten Your Teeth and Eliminate Bad breath – Just brush one or twice a week with white distilled vinegar.
  25. Make Nail Polish Last Longer – Wipe Fingernails with cotton balls dipped in distilled vinegar before putting on your nail polish.

via 25 Ways to use Distilled Vinegar other than Cooking and Disinfecting.


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3 thoughts on “25 Ways to use Distilled Vinegar other than Cooking and Disinfecting

  1. GREAT POST!!! Following you now. Always more uses for vinegar; a jack of all trades!

    Posted by Jamie Lee's Glass Mall | June 16, 2012, 6:43 AM


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