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Week 3: Hope

Originally posted on Daring to Live in Love!:
What is Hope? Core Essay on Hope Hope is a powerful tool for the creation of Love. It is the final outwardly expressed emotion that we will be investigating in this challenge. Like Generosity and Compassion, Hope is created through positive action and can be spread to…


Week 2: Compassion

Originally posted on Daring to Live in Love!:
What is Compassion? Core Essay on Compassion Compassion is as simple as recognizing that all of humanity are your peers. They all feel pain and suffering. They all wish for greater things. They all have passions and Lovers and desires. They all have a life they wish…

Generosity and Me

Generosity, by definition, is simply the liberal and unselfish sharing of excesses. When I sat down and started writing about my week I began to see more clearly the impact that I’m capable of making in the lives of others. How powerful is that? I, and all of humankind, have the power to sprinkle generosity … Continue reading

The 8 Week Challenge

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The 8 Week Challenge: Balancing Your Emotions to Live in Love If you follow this blog and have read our essay series “A Quest for Truth” (highly recommended!), then you are familiar with the concept of Living in Love. By living with a sense of Awareness we…