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Mother’s Day Crafting ideas

Mother’s Day Crafting Ideas! What fun! I’m a crafting junkie, not even therapy helps. I don’t always finish what I start (shhhh) but I love it and am willing to try almost anything.  I’ve been thinking about the homemade gifts I’ve received throughout the years. Those are the ones that I remember the most. As … Continue reading

DIY Make Your Own Bar Soap, Part 2 Customization

To make the best soap for your skin type, you may want to try different oils. Everyone has a certain type of soap they like. That’s a good place to start-check out the ingredients in your favorite soap. There’s really no way around trial and error when it comes to any part of soap making. Continue reading

DIY Make Your Own Bar Soap, Part 1 Mixing

Making your own soap has some definite advantages. We can make our own soap much cheaper than we can buy it. Making it ourselves also gives us complete control over the ingredients, so we can create a soap that’s perfect for our skin type in scents that we love. Continue reading

iTunes U free educational courses

iTunes U free educational courses Continue reading

Courses From Top University for Free-Coursera

Courses From Top University for Free-Coursera Continue reading

25 Ways to use Distilled Vinegar other than Cooking and Disinfecting

Reblogged from thecouponhigh.net I’ve known for a long time that Vinegar is a great cleaner because it disinfects. I’ve used it many a time to clean out nebulizer tubing. But did you know that there are a ton of other uses for Vinegar besides Cooking and Cleaning. Here are 25 ways to use that Free … Continue reading

Budget Yourself Some Attitude Money

Don’t get a debit card or checkbook with it. You want to make it a drag and a very conscious decision to remove money from this account. Continue reading


10 Overlooked Discount Ideas Continue reading

How to……Share It Forward: Giveaway o

How to……Share It Forward: Giveaway of the Day – Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2 – http://ow.ly/agXQK

DIY and save money

It’s time consuming and it can be challenging, but doing it yourself can save you buckets of money and be rewarding. I’m all about finding ways to save money and doing it yourself hits the top of the list. After a little soul searching (and Internet surfing) I came up with a few unorthodox DIY … Continue reading