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Mother’s Day Crafting ideas

Mother’s Day Crafting Ideas! What fun! I’m a crafting junkie, not even therapy helps. I don’t always finish what I start (shhhh) but I love it and am willing to try almost anything.  I’ve been thinking about the homemade gifts I’ve received throughout the years. Those are the ones that I remember the most. As … Continue reading

Crafting – Easy Baby Handprint Crafts

I’ve been looking for Mother’s Day crafting ideas and handprint crafts was high on my list. I made a sweatshirt for my grandma once that had all of her great grand-kids handprints on it…I had more running around time involved in making it than in actually making it. Even so, I’m not an expert when … Continue reading

DIY Make Your Own Bar Soap, Part 2 Customization

To make the best soap for your skin type, you may want to try different oils. Everyone has a certain type of soap they like. That’s a good place to start-check out the ingredients in your favorite soap. There’s really no way around trial and error when it comes to any part of soap making. Continue reading

DIY Make Your Own Bar Soap, Part 1 Mixing

Making your own soap has some definite advantages. We can make our own soap much cheaper than we can buy it. Making it ourselves also gives us complete control over the ingredients, so we can create a soap that’s perfect for our skin type in scents that we love. Continue reading

iTunes U free educational courses

iTunes U free educational courses Continue reading

Courses From Top University for Free-Coursera

Courses From Top University for Free-Coursera Continue reading

25 Ways to use Distilled Vinegar other than Cooking and Disinfecting

Reblogged from thecouponhigh.net I’ve known for a long time that Vinegar is a great cleaner because it disinfects. I’ve used it many a time to clean out nebulizer tubing. But did you know that there are a ton of other uses for Vinegar besides Cooking and Cleaning. Here are 25 ways to use that Free … Continue reading

It’s my Birthday and I’ll Share if I Want To!

Enjoy this list of birthday freebies and enjoy your big day. Thanks to all of the great companies who remember their customers and share it forward on their birthdays. Continue reading

How to Make Jam

Originally posted on Garland's Mountain Farm:
That last post got me to thinking about jam, so I thought I’d put up a little something I made when I was making blackberry sage jam in 2010.  Lots of pictures here – Enjoy! This was one afternoon’s haul from our local farmer, Great Country Farms in…

3 Reasons to Keep a Journal or Personal Blog

Last November, right after Thanksgiving, my dad passed away suddenly. It’s an understatement to say I was devastated. When a love one dies suddenly you’re left with this empty, painful feeling deep deep inside that only time can help. My dad was a great writer but wasn’t into writing for pleasure and definitely not into … Continue reading

Budget Yourself Some Attitude Money

Don’t get a debit card or checkbook with it. You want to make it a drag and a very conscious decision to remove money from this account. Continue reading


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