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Hi, I’m Cheryl Rogers and this is my blog, Sharing it Forward.

I’m a young 44 (year young) mom, gamma, wife, researcher, deal catcher and writer.  I love to write and will find all sorts of things to write about.

I live on a large lake in LaGrange Indiana and I love it here.  It’s so peaceful and full of nature.  I couldn’t ask for more than what I have.

I believe in leaving a legacy for your family to remember you by.  I use journaling, blogging, pictures, scrapbooks and vlogging as a way to do that. Which kinda brings me to the nature of this blog…

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone shared it forward? All by ourselves. We need it so much right now. Just people helping each other with our resources and knowledge.

I don’t mean digging into your pockets~~unless you have plenty of extra to give. What I do mean is sharing our knowledge of things, things that we may have a specialty in. Think of it as leaving a legacy and insuring that future generations will possess the knowledge and be able to Share It Forward as well. Do your kids know how to plant a garden? If they do…Do they know what to do with it once it’s grown? Do you? Are you (like me) noticing a decline in this type of knowledge? I think it’s important that some of us keep passing this stuff down or it will be the Internet that teaches our kids (of course sites like these don’t count:) Or worse yet, our kids will be even more dependent on the Big Bro. (shuttering at that thought)

My hope is that you enjoy an article or two or all of my blog and Share It Forward with someone you think could benefit from it.  I’m always looking for helpful information, for real-discounts, and savings, and any and all knowledge so share it here if you have it, and always feel free to share any of my articles you would like.

I absolutely believe that we have the power and the responsibility to ourselves and the generations that we are raising to raise the stakes in this Country (US) and clean up attitudes and navigate back to helping each other and loving each other.

Thanks for stopping by!,



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