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The 8 Week Challenge

I’m participating in the 8 week challenge offered by Alternate Economy. The first week is generosity and I’m still working on finishing the first week. I’m posting the information here so you can join too and challenge yourself with some interesting goals.

Daring to Live in Love!

The 8 Week Challenge: Balancing Your Emotions to Live in Love

If you follow this blog and have read our essay series “A Quest for Truth” (highly recommended!), then you are familiar with the concept of Living in Love. By living with a sense of Awareness we are able to incorporate Balance into our lives by harnessing our Emotions to allow us to perpetuate Love. It is a beautiful goal, but what exactly does it mean, this Living in Love stuff? How does a person Balance their Emotions? How can we take the ideas put forth in an organized yet philosophical series of essays, and apply them to our daily lives?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Alternate Economy is proud to present to you the 8 Week Challenge. This challenge isn’t about being philosophical, or following inquisitive theories to their logical conclusions, it’s about life, and living it in the most…

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2 thoughts on “The 8 Week Challenge

  1. Thank you for sharing my challenge. I look forward to your entry!

    Posted by The Alternate Economy | April 21, 2012, 12:43 AM

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