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Crafting – Easy Baby Handprint Crafts

I’ve been looking for Mother’s Day crafting ideas and handprint crafts was high on my list. I made a sweatshirt for my grandma once that had all of her great grand-kids handprints on it…I had more running around time involved in making it than in actually making it. Even so, I’m not an expert when it comes to working with plaster paris so I found the next best thing.  I’m going to pick up my grandson tomorrow and we’re going to try these out while he still has his tiny 3-year-old hands! I hope lots of mama’s get some handprints for Mothers Day.

handprint crafts

Crafting – Easy Baby Handprint Crafts

Handprints of your baby make treasured gifts that last a lifetime. Handprint crafts are inexpensive and easy to create with the right instructions and you can choose painted handprints, plaster of paris handprints and more. Enjoy making an adorable piece of art that will always be cherished by parents, grandparents and of course the children.

Below you will find projects for baby handprints complete with instructions and tips. These crafts are easy and enjoyable to do and the cost is small for such a large return.

Painted Hands Craft:

Start by painting baby’s hand generously with ceramic paint in the color of your choice. Once painted, press baby’s hands down onto an unglazed plate. After you have achieved the desired handprint, wash baby’s hands thoroughly.

Now take a pencil and draw a design around the border of the plate adding baby’s birth date if desired. Use a fine paint brush and paint over the design you have drawn using ceramic paint. Write baby’s name in the center of the plate with the pencil next to the handprint. Now the plate will need to be glazed and fired to finish it. Using a hot glue gun, glue a ribbon to the back of the plate to use for hanging the plate on a wall or you can display it using a plate stand.

Tip: If needed, use a local pottery shop to have your plate fired.

painting kids hand

Clay Impressions:

To get started, you will need some craft clay (the type that will harden after being worked with). Take the clay and shape it into a shape you desire the baby’s handprints to placed on and be sure it is large enough to accommodate baby’s hands. Make two holes at the top for putting wire or ribbon through for hanging. You may want to write out baby’s name and birth date if desired near the top.

Now you are ready to take the baby’s hands and press them firmly into the clay. If desired you can paint your clay creation or just leave it as is. Once dried you can place the ribbon or wire through the holes and hang your creation on the wall. You have easily made a beautiful and sentimental art piece for the entire family to enjoy.

Baby Box:

You will need a small box that is already stained. Mix together black and white child-safe paints to make the color gray. Place baby’s palms into the gray paint and tenderly press them down on a piece of paper. Once the handprints have dried you will need to cut the prints out with a pair of scissors. Apply a thin coat of mod-podge to the back of the cut out prints and adhere them to the lid of the box. After the mod-podge has completely dried put another thin coat of mod-podge over the entire box.

Tip: With the use of colored paint and a thin paint brush you can add baby’s name and date of birth before you mod-podge the entire box.

Plaster of Paris:

The items you will need for this craft are as follows: plaster of paris, 1 and 1/4 cup of water, small container for mixing, mixing spoon and a paper plate. In your small container place 2 cups of plaster of paris and slowly pour 1/4 cup of water at a time onto the plaster of paris while stirring; this will keep mixture smooth and without lumps. This mixing process should take no longer that 1 minute.

Once you have finished mixing you have 20 minutes to form your cast on the paper plate before it hardens. After washing and drying baby’s hands, press baby’s palms down firmly in to the formed plaster of paris for 3 minutes. Be sure to wash baby’s hands promptly after you remove them from the mixture. Let the plaster sit for 12 to 24 hours in order to dry completely. With the use of a plate easel, baby’s handprints can be easily displayed for all to see.


  • Have enough plaster of paris on hand in case the first handprints don’t come out very good so you can try again.

Find more free patterns for baby handprint crafts and baby footprint crafts along with many more craft ideas.
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photos by: wildolive, Claudia_GM and margaretglin


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